Monday, October 5, 2009

John Reese selling domains?

John Reese shows how branding and list building can help you unload domain names to your sheep...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thinking about the world of domains

Here are a few streams to paddle down (or up) that I plan on addressing in the future. Play with them.

  • The perceptions and worldviews we bring to the table determine the viability and longevity of our business models. A co-operative methodology calls domainers to execute relationships that are more than a one time 'flip' of a domain.
  • Mass pay per click advertising has caused domainers to overlook the individual and only see the masses. Value to a domain requires thinking of how to more fully benefit the visitor AND advertiser. We are hosts to guests on our domains. We are making introductions that should be mutually beneficial.
  • There is much room for profitability within our domain properties. Valuations are nothing close to what an offline business is valued for (two-three times earnings per annum or greater).
  • Understanding who the real players are in the domain world and building trusting relationships with them is where the big value on the sale side is. The plebes are often mistaken for the players.
  • What are the variables and knowns in the domain world? How much does an individual domain owner actually control? For instance; The browser gets very little acknowledgement. However, with all the convergence going on it is a serious concern knowing that everything an end viewer sees on a domain is controlled by the browser. Remember the stir google maps created when they talked about utilizing outbound links from individual sites? What are the variables and the knowns?
Enough for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Domain Kitchen serves up humor...

I have been poking around Domain Kitchen's interview drawer for a while now. The other day I got stuck with a knife and it was funny. Check DnK's comic strip.